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About Us

Darter Design, LLC was founded by Zachary Rambo in 2014. Our mission is to help our customers create their dreams. With services catered towards engineering, prototyping, and low-volume production, Darter Design, LLC can create any flying wonder imagined! Whether your idea is big, small, many, or few we can help bring it to life! Drones, Multi-copters, Aircraft, and Helicopters are familiar grounds with the 20+ years of experience we have in Remote Control Aviation. 


Founder - Zachary Rambo

Zachary was bitten by the flying bug early in his childhood. Creating countless aerial creations and experimenting with flight, he used his passion for flight to dive deep into the study of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Emerging a Master of his studies, he took a role developing products for entrepreneurs and small companies. Wishing to return to his inspiration of flight, he created Darter Design, LLC with the intent to help those bring their imaginations to a tangible flying form.

View his portfolio here:

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